Sunday, 31 January 2010

New discovery - L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash - with a Scrublet?!

I was wandering around Superdrug on Friday and came across this:

A new cleanser is probably the last thing I need at the moment, but it looked so odd that I was intrigued and decided to pop it in my basket.

Basically it has a thing called a 'scrublet' attached, that sits in a hole in the middle of the bottle. The scrublet pops out and you hold it between your fingers:

It's covered in lots of tiny, super soft bristles. You pour some cleanser on it and massage your face with it. I tried it out yesterday and loved it. The scrublet is so soft and yet so invigorating. My skin tingled but in a nice way, and there was some gentle exfoliation going on. It was the same sensation you get from body brushing - a rush of circulation - yet gentle enough for the face. Love it!

As for the cleanser itself, I didn't think it was too special, but the scrublet could be used with any cleanser. It has a sucker on the back so it sticks to the shower wall. There was also a Gel Wash and a Scrub in the range, each with these little facial brushes.

I recommend them, if only for the sensation you get when you massage your face. It's really invigorating in the morning. Try it out (they are even on sale at the moment in Superdrug for you UK girls :)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It's been a while!

Hi! Sorry I have been so slow with the posts - been sooo busy this January with work etc. But I have some great posts lined up with reviews so check back soon! I will be updating this blog as soon as possible....

Thanks for reading! ♥
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