Thursday, 29 April 2010

An Oldie but a Goodie....

...actually make that two oldies but goodies. The other day I had time for a mini haul before catching the bus home from work, so I popped into Boots and then to Mac. I picked up a couple of items which have been around for a while and which I have wanted to own for yonks - and now I do!

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First of all, my much coveted Too faced Natural Eye Kit. I am a massive lover of neutrals, and slightly bored (for now) of using my Mac shadows so I thought I'd finally give in and buy this. For £22.50 in the UK I don't think it is too bad a deal, as the shadow quality is good, although some pans are a little on the small side for my liking! (Which also makes it a bit harder to give a brush a good swipe across the surface, but hey, I love it anyway).

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It comes with a little sliding out drawer with a double ended brush in it. One side has a pretty useless sponge tip to it, but the other is an angle brush which is not all that bad considering it came in a palette, and which could be called upon in a brushless emergency. It also comes with three little cards inside the lid which show you how to apply the shadows for three different looks, using all three 'levels' of the shadows - Day, Classic and Fashion. I absolutely love the first two, they are both gorgeous! The Day look is a stunningly simple, work-appropriate neutral look.

Unfortunately this palette doesn't have a mirror - if it did, then it would be perfect!

At the moment in Boots if you spend over £20 on Too Faced you get this free gift:

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It includes a Starry Eyed glitter liner (mini) in Mad Mad Love, which is a pinky lilac glitter liner (swatch below), mini Mirror Mirror lipgloss in Don't Hate Me (pinky lipgloss bordering on clear - but lovely texture) and a mini Lash Injection mascara in Black. All contained in a pink satiny bag. All in all well worth the £20 if you ask me!

From left to right, the shadows are the Day look, Classic look and Fashion look - and the glitter liner:

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The other item I picked up was a Blushcreme from Mac in the shade Lillicent. How gorgeous is this?! It's a pale pink with a hint of peach. On my NC25 skin it looks so natural. Combined with the day look from the palette above, I look polished but not overly made up. These two items are my new favourite look :) The Blushcreme also looks good on the lips - a peachy nude. Would be great mixed with some balm.

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Have you tried these? If so, what did you think?

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